Founder & Chairwoman

Rachel Panagiotopoulos

Rachel Panagiotopoulos is an exceptional executive leader with a profound commitment to transforming the welfare of African children. With a unique blend of passion, expertise, and personal experiences, Rachel is dedicated to improving healthcare education, and research opportunities in Africa, particularly for children affected by diseases like sickle cell and living in poverty. Driven by her upbringing in Ghana and the firsthand challenges she witnessed within her own family, Rachel has a deep-rooted determination to bridge the gaps in Africa's healthcare system. Her loss, having tragically lost her biological mother to medical negligence has instilled in her a powerful drive to create change and ensure that no child should suffer due to inadequate care. Rachel's leadership capabilities are marked by her dynamic vision and ability to mobilize resources. With a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Rutgers University and a wealth of experience in organizational management, she brings a versatile skill set to her role as an executive. Her expertise in community resource development and managing complex systems across diverse organizations, makes her a strategic thinker and problem-solver. At the helm of the Let's Create Together Foundation, Rachel has successfully steered the organization toward its mission of improving the lives of African children. Her innovative approach, coupled with her extensive network of partnerships, has enabled the foundation to implement impactful programs and initiatives that address critical needs in healthcare and education. Rachel's visionary outlook extends beyond traditional approaches. She envisions a future where African children have access to quality education, comprehensive healthcare, and the opportunity to thrive. By championing advocacy efforts, renovating schools and hospitals, and establishing specialized programs, Rachel aims to create a lasting and transformative impact in the lives of African children. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Rachel's genuine compassion and empathy make her a trusted and respected leader. Her ability to connect with individuals and communities allows her to forge meaningful partnerships and create a supportive environment for collaboration. Her profound affection for helping children birthed the mission of the Let’s Create Together Foundation. Her passion for giving back is palpable through her remarkable contributions to schools, families, and hospitals, which have not just positively impacted but transformed the lives of over 25,000 children in Africa.

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